Agro Commodities

The Agro Division is manned by a team of dedicated professionals and deals in Food grains like, but not limited to Corn, Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Pulses like Mung beans, Black Matpe, Red Lentils, Yellow Peas etc, Flour such as Wheat flour, Tapioca flour, Oilseeds, like Canola, Rapeseed, Sunflower seed, Sesame seeds, Animal feed raw materials like Maize, Soybean meal, Rapeseed meal, Feed additives – toxin binder, Food grade chemicals like Phosphoric acid, Calcium Carbonate.

Offices and warehouses are located in various key locations all over the world and all cargos shipped are tested for quality either by our own personnel or using independent surveyors to meet the stringent quality requirements of our buyers. Operational staff handle the timely execution of contracts.

Due to our intensive network globally, we can source many commodities and meet the needs of all our buyers. We will be able to provide logistical and operational support with our team members located on the ground to streamline the entire process for our customers.

Origination/Source Of Agro Commodities

Cereals & Grains

Pulses & Beans

Item    : Countries of Origin

Mung Beans  : Myanmar, Australia

Black Matpe (Urad Whole)   : Myanmar

Desi & Chick Peas   : Myanmar, Australia, Ukraine, Russia

Red Lentils   : Australia, Russia

Yellow Peas   : Australia, Canada, Russia, Ukraine

Pegion peas  : Mozambique

Kaspa peas  : Australia

Dun peas   : Australia

Green peas   : Canada


Item    : Countries of Origin

Canola   : Australia, Canada, Russia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine

Rapeseed  : Ukraine, Moldova, Russia

Soybeans  : Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ukraine, USA

Sunflower Seeds  : Ukraine, Moldova, Russia

Animal Feed

Item    : Countries of Origin

Corn (Maize)  : India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay

Soybean Meal  : India, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, USA, Bolivia

Rapeseed Meal  : India, Pakistan


Meat and Bone Meal  : Italy, Hungary

Monocalcium Phosphate (MCP)  : China

Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP)  : China, Vietnam

MDCP  : China, Vietnam

Chlorine Chloride  : China, Vietnam

L-Threonine  :China

Wheat  : India, Pakistan, Paraguay, Uruguay, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Australia