Sudima Panels Co., Ltd.

Sudima Panels Co., Ltd.


DT 747B St., Village: Khanh Binh
District: Tan Uyen
Province: Binh Duong

Tel: +84 650 3652 948
Fax: +84 650 3652 949

Sudima Panels Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sudima International Pte. Ltd., Singapore. With a view to develop backward integration, we had decided to establish a manufacturing facility in Vietnam in 2008. The facility initially had a total of 100 employees with a production capacity of 400 CBM Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Drawer Fronts, Solid Doors, Finger Jointed Boards, and Edge Glue Panels per month.

Currently, because of the continuous support from our partners we have a strength of 500 workers with production capacity of over 1000 CBM per Month. We have added various machines & products in our range over the years and plan to expand further by the end of 2016. We plan on entering the RTA (Ready To Assemble) Cabinets market and will specifically cater to the USA market.

Kitchen Cabinet Face Components:

We use various species to make Kitchen Face Components, some examples are: Birch, Ash, White Oak, Rubberwood, MDF. Also, we use a range of finishes including Natural Stain, Color Stain, and Opaque Coating (White/Grey or color as per customer demand)

  • Assembled Doors

    • Rail & Stile with Veneer Raised Center Panel
    • Rail & Stile with Veneer Flat Center Panel
    • Rail & Stile with Solid Raised Center Panel
    • Rail & Stile with Solid Flat 4.5mm Center Panel(Rubberwood)
  • Solid Routed Door

    • We are specialized in making Solid Routed Doors in Rubberwood.
  • Face Frames

    • Stain
    • Solid Paint
  • Drawer Fronts

    • Solid Laminated
    • 5 Pcs Assembled
  • Finish/Coating

    • Stain (AC/PU)
    • Solid Paint (AC/PU)
    • UV Coating
  • Drawer Sides

    • Rubberwood UV Coated (Finger Jointed/No Finger Joint)

Finger Joining Line:

We have 4 finger Joining lines with a Capacity of 800-1000 CBM per Month depending upon thickness mix.

Thickness            : 9 mm to 55 mm

Width                   : 1250 mm Max

Length                 : 5500 mm Max

Finishing Line:

We have automatic online spray Flat Line & Hanging line with Covered Dust Proof drying facility.


At present our customer base is spread over various countries like USA, Korea, Japan, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, India and China.


18,000 Sq. Mtr Covered space

Man Power:

500 Workers


1000 CBM of finished products (40 Containers per Month)


Rubberwood, Acacia, Birch, Ash, White Oak, Red Oak etc. Our group is committed to use plantation timber or timber from certified Legal source in our production line. It is our company policy to not use any kind of tropical forest timber in production.


Our objective is customer satisfaction with good quality products and competitive pricing. Moreover, we aim to use plantation timber or Legal timber as it helps protect the environment.