Leveraging Strength in Asia:

Sudima International Pte Ltd is proud of its Asian Heritage. Being part of an economically and demographically resilient region we are in the enviable position of knowing Asia better than any of our peers and our proximity enables us to better communicate, gain insight and manage change.

With deep rooted relationships and Management team in each of the growth economies, we look forward to tying up with partners to work together to enhance business in this region. These economies include China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar.

What we do:

  • Supply Chain & logistics Management: Timber Trading with specialization in handling efficiently supply chain to connect suppliers with markets & vice versa.
  • Timber Marketing: Established network of our own 9 offices to sell timber in India/ Vietnam/ Bangladesh/ China and Indonesia.
  • Timber Sourcing: Network of offices in 14 countries manned by experts to Procure, Grade, and Ship the material to buyers both in Breakbulk and in Containers.
  • Manufacturing of Timber value added products:
    • Kitchen Cabinet Doors
    • Finger Jointed Panels
    • Plywood
    • Face Veneer
  • Wood Chip and Pulp Logs Souring and Sales: We are catering to various Paper Mills in India and China, Acacia & Eucalyptus dfs with supply of Wood Chips and Pulp Logs sourced out of Thailand/ Vietnam and Malaysia.