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Sudima International is a vibrant, family owned business that believes in their employees. We offer a competitive salary that allows you to earn an income on which to raise a family.

Sudima International is an organization filled with bright hard working individuals. We take pride in hiring people that share our values both at home and work.

Employees within our companies are empowered to leverage this global network to deliver business that better serve the needs of those who use our products and services. They have access to world-class programs for professional development, and the potential to drive a dynamic career across businesses, segments and functional roles.

Understand Our Culture

Meet our people and you’ll get a real sense of how our culture enables dynamic and impressive careers. We share a kind of bond where we’re each support system and we treat one another as family members. We encourage each other to become the drivers of our own success. We are strongly passionate about doing what’s right. If you share these qualities, then you are the right candidate we are looking for.

Why Join Us

We collaborate in teams and continuously share and refine critical skills and methods. We value the unique perspective and approach that each person brings. We foster an environment that celebrates and leverages diversity. We welcome everyone to be authentic about who they are and the perspective they offer. We ensure that every member of the team has a chance to make their mark and drive their career growth.

If you think you have the skills necessary to succeed and are ready to be pushed to the limit of your ambition, please send a copy of your resume to