Preserving and protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. SIPL endorses this tenet by reducing our dependence on paper. We do this by making sure printouts are taken only if required, and printed, black & white, either double sided or on recycled paper.

In addition, we make sure that we stand for and with the underprivileged.As an enterprise with operations spread across geographies, we understand that our CSR activities cannot be confined to a handful of locations. That being said, Sudima Panels (a wholly owned subsidiary located in Vietnam) has been actively involved in charities and financially supports the education of five orphaned children. Sudima Panels is looking into supporting more children in the near future.

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The Jhunjhnuwala family are also involved in various charitable work in India. Mr. Jhunjhnuwala and his family have been running a school for girls, named SMT Phooladevi Girls School, in the country for the last 35 years. The school now houses 1,500 girls and provides them with free quality education.