Mr Laxmi Niwas Jhunjhnuwala (Chairman Sudima Group Of Companies) established Sudima International Pte. Ltd.,in Singapore in 1994 with initial focus on international trading. Over the years as Sudima International grew in size and reputation, new ventures and businesses developed because of growing collaboration with business partners. Today Sudima International has business interests in manufacturing, international trading and logistics/distribution with a global footprint. It has a focused approach of product groups, these are Timber, Agro-Commodities, Textiles, and Pharmaceuticals.

With our unwavering commitment & expertise in international trade, we assure best quality exports, worldwide. We possess intimate knowledge in availability and sourcing of the products. Our capability in this regard is well reflected in supplying required quantities within stipulated time. With our business associations with leading international buyers, we have garnered a perfect example in the trading sector.

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As our trading business grew we ventured into distribution of pharmaceuticals in Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. We also did backward integration by venturing into manufacturing in 2008 by establishing our first unit for producing kitchen cabinets and panels. We have further invested in Myanmar and also in Indonesia for manufacturing veneer, plywood, and sawn timber.