Leveraging Strength in Asia - Timber

Sudima International Pte Ltd is proud of its Asian Heritage. Being part of an economically and demographically resilient region we are in the enviable position of knowing Asia better than any of our peers and our proximity enables us to better communicate, gain insight and manage change.

What We Do:

    Timber Sourcing:

  • Procure from legal and sustainable sources.
  • Grading of timber as per needs of customers.
  • Plywood
  • ange local logistics to Ship the material to buyers both in Breakbulk and in Containers

    Manufacturing of Timber value added products:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Doors& Ready to assemble Cabinets
  • Plywood& Face Veneer
  • Door Jambs & Decking

    Timber Marketing:

    Established network of sales offices to sell timber in various developing countries like :

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Vietnam
  • China

Teak Logs , Rough Sawn Lumber from

Soft Wood Saw Logs

Pine :

Patula / Ellioti Logs from   : Uruguay, South Africa and Brazil.

Southern Yellow Pine Logs   : USA

Soft Wood : Chips and Pulp Logs

Southern Yellow Pine   : USA

Hardwoods from legally verified sources :



Solomon Island